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Give your computer’s disks a thorough clean-up with this disk cleaner Cleaning your computer’s disks is something that is crucial in order for your system to keep performing optimally. Failure to maintain your disks and clean them up can result in the system crashing and performing slower which can be frustrating. If you are looking for a good disk drive cleaner which also has several interesting features and options you can use to enhance your PC’s performance, then consider using Advanced Disk Cleaner Activation Code.

Advanced Disk Cleaner Full Version Free Crack

Finally, the Options tab allows you to select the file types you want the program to look for, and to activate the scheduler. You can schedule automatic system scans on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, or at a specified day and time. Even though the deep cleaning method takes longer than the fast one, in general terms the program performs its tasks very quickly. Once you are given the results, you can get rid of the useless files found with a single click of a button. Summing up, Advanced Disk Cleaner Full Version Activation Code is a powerful yet easy-to-use software tool that helps you recover wasted disk space by detecting and removing obsolete junk files from your hard disk. The program allows you to achieve this in an easy and fast way as well. Clean out all the trash from your computer disks

The program offers a friendly and intuitive user interface without any complicated elements. It offers you three tabs ─ one for the fast cleaning method, another one for the deep cleaning method, and a third one for the program’s options. The fast cleaning method is, ironically, harder to use than the deep cleaning one. On the “Fast Cleaner” tab, you need to select the areas you want the program to analyze from a really large number of options. They are classified into categories, such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, System, Internet, Multimedia, Applications, and others. On the “Deep Cleaner” tab, on the other hand, you just need to select the drive or drives you want the program to analyze and press the “start scan” button.


  • Offers you a really large number of cleaning options
  • Friendly and intuitive user interface
  • The fast cleaning method may be a bit hard to use for inexpert users
  • Allows you to schedule automatic system scans
  • Fast scan process, in general terms
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Download Advanced Disk Cleaner 6.3 full version setup – Give your computer’s disks a thorough clean-up with this disk cleaner Every day the programs on your computer create temporary and garbage files and leave them behind on your hard disk. These files build up over time, taking up valuable hard disk space and slowing your system down. Advanced Disk Cleaner 6.3 full version setup is a free program which makes it easy to quickly find and wipe away all the garbage files on your computer. It scans your disks quickly and then displays the garbage files so you can decide which of them you want removed. The program accurately detects and identifies only the garbage files. The program’s main window is designed for a logical, effective and pleasant operation, making Advanced Disk Cleaner For Windows 10 Download a good choice for keeping your PC clean.

System Requirement:

  • Minimum 2 MB free disk space
  • 64 MB RAM
  • Windows All
  • Homepage:
  • Author Innovative Solutions
  • Last version 6.3


  1. The only downside is Iobit doesn’t cut me checks for being an unaffiliated techie fanboy who lavishes praise upon their software and highly recommends it to everyone I meet on the job.

  2. Don’t fully understand how to use all the features and they are not totally self descriptive. Could use a better help feature or tutorial. Maybe I just missed it.

  3. I am not very technical in the sense that I can rarely sense errors in the PC; not until my PC shows signs of freezing, hanging, sudden shut downs etc. This has happened in the past and when it recently happened again; my friend suggested that I should take the help of proficient technicians who could do monitoring, diagnosing and troubleshooting chores for me. I got through iYogi and I am really happy to have Support Dock now installed on my PC. This is a simple PC optimizing tool that is easy to use and efficient. iYyogi technicians are helpful and provide me with remote tech support as and when I need.

  4. I haven’t really timed it, but it seems like Macrium is faster in making a back up image.

  5. (in order of importance for me)

    1) Only one daily alarm (daily alarms are the reason I wanted something like this).

    2) Only 4 characters. There are dozens, at least, of MS Agent characters available.

    3) Only does eight date/time alarms, and the alarms are not integrated with the actual calendar. The calendar is just a calendar. It tells you what day it is.

    4) Interface is a bit sloppy.

  6. Support is non-existent. Do NOT EVER lost your product key, login key registration codes, etc… .because it will be next to impossible to install it otherwise if and when you switch computers or reformat your hard drive. Trust me on this one.

  7. Doesn’t render exactly the same as a mac, but works well enough that I don’t need a dedicated mac computer for testing.

  8. Backups are not saved as a file where you can click and restore the registy, like it should be. It’s rather saved into the core of the program so you can only restore using the recovery center inside the program. Majorly dislike.

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