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Flexible text and file handling tool with advanced features

While being used in normal mode, the application can help you edit text and source code scripts, or view and manage your other files. Switching to developer mode allows you to edit the application and further improve it, by adding or modifying features. This is a highly useful feature because it allows any user to shape and model Atom 1.54 Activation Code to fit their needs, by altering its source code and creating new modules that improve the core functionality of the application.


To sum it up, Atom 1.54.0 Full Version Free Crack offers you more than a text editor, as it can help you manage your files or view their content. It also comes as an ideal tool for developers and programmers, as it provides them with a quick and customizable way to edit their code scripts and source files.

Atom key

Notepad++ is a powerful text editor due to its ease of use and flexibility, although it has gotten old, being surpassed by similar modern tools, which can help you arrange your text easier or highlight syntax for source code files. Based on these premises, Atom 1.54.0 with keygen is a versatile piece of software that can help you edit your texts and documents, although it can do more, such as file viewing and handling.

Another great thing about Atom 1.54.0 Full Version Registered is the fact that it’s an open-source application with a large community involved in its constant development and improving, frequently updated, and endorsed by the well-known GitHub repository hosting service. To sum it all up, Atom Activation Key is a complete text editor that leaves no room for complaint, even if you set your expectations really high before trying it, as I did.


  • Impressively comprehensive and feature-rich
  • Can’t think of any disadvantage
  • Open source
  • Fully customizable
Atom full version

Atom 1.54 full version with crack and keygen is a text editor that’s modern and highly customizable A text and source code editor with syntax highlighting that can also functions as a file viewer, enabling you to perform a variety of tasks within a single interface Download Atom 1.54 Activation Key – A text and source code editor with syntax highlighting that can also functions as a file viewer, enabling you to perform a variety of tasks within a single interface

System Requirement:

  • Homepage:
  • Author Atom
  • Last version 1.54.0

What’s new in last version:

atom/spell-check#332 Fix cannot load the checker for xx-YY
20172 Upgrade to electron 5.0.12 ??
19862 Add overlay when resizing panels to prevent panes stealing focus
atom/language-c#330 Improve C++ syntax highlighting
atom/language-ruby#276 Improve Ruby syntax highlighting
Atom/spell-check#332 Fix cannot load the checker for xx-YY
#20703 Upgrade apm to 2.5.0
#20711 Update npm to 6.14.4 for Python 3 support
#20711 Add setting to disable multi cursor on click
#20172 Upgrade to electron 5.0.12 ????
#19862 Add overlay when resizing panels to prevent panes stealing focus
#20458 MacOS app has been notarized!

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  1. Fails to start with Windows and/or loses the tray icon while still running. Loss of tray icon seems to happen [at least] when a context menu-initiated scan has been done on a single folder.

  2. It cannot convert high quality files, such as AVCHD (MTS) files to anything remotely as good as the original file quality. Downloading of Youtube videos is a waste, much easier to do with a decent Firefox extension.

  3. In the trial version, you’re only allowed to convert one half of one song ! I couldn’t believe it, wot’s the point ! Just made me waste my time, and probably buy a rival audio converter.

  4. Since the upgrade 9″s folder opens on my desktop on start up, I have been to several blogs and the problem is wide spread. I tried some of the fixes, deleted AIR, but can not get rid of the folder. Adobe knows but has not issued a fix!!!

  5. I received an email stating that I would receive a registration code within 12 hours. Over a week later, no code was sent and the company refuses to answer emails. Don’t fall for the scam, just download the free version and install as required.

  6. I tried the free download and exercised comparing it to several other programs. I am Technical Support Analyst so decently experienced. Used their files and saw it connect but since the accounts were bogus, stocks were not real, it seemed the connectivity was not a problem. We use a Hughesnet Satellite connection and have successfully used Money for years, even AFTER it was no longer supported. We purchased the full licensed version of ACEMONEY and IT NEVER worked. I contacted support multiple times, got ridiculous answers (stupid user answers) and they refuse to refund. They have NO ONE you can talk to and very poor service policies.

  7. I’m getting French version during startup, but it changes to English shortly after.

  8. This isn’t really a con as much as it is another feature I’d like to see: I wish it had an option to create bootable CD-R’s along with bootable floppies. But, it’s not too much effort to create this CD on your own (as I mentioned above).

  9. This latest edition was confusing to download and install. I finally dowloaded each part individually. Thus I have pieces but nothing working together under a single program.

  10. It states here that it is free but it is not. Only one-pass disk cleanup is allowed unless you buy the license. But that is good enough to make life harder for whoever wants to retrieve your data. I recommend this software.

  11. Prevented me from reccomending posts on one site I use frequently. At the point where I had 2 days left it popped up the registration reminder continually it didn’t Stop!! Then it wouldn’t uninstall – I had to remove it manually I DON’T RECCOMEND

  12. Acronis have given True Image 2012 a face-lift however the core of the program has somehow been destroyed. Networking functionality is exceptionally poor, it crashes regularly with very complex error messages that are now supported, backups cannot be recovered (seriously!) and it is exceptionally slow. For example, I changed the network address on our network drive and this caused Acronis to crash (one example of dozens).

    WARNING: All support after the initial 30 day “try before you buy” period must be paid for – and considering how the program is full of bugs and crashes on a regular basis and error messages are not supported – I WOULD STRONGLY RECOMMEND AVOIDING ACRONIS 2012 – as you will receive no help from Acronis unless you swipe your card a second time…

    By the way – they seem to have off shored support – if you do get help (e-mail) it will be from a robot who thinks your a complete and utter idiot and tell you everything except for what you asked for.

  13. 6 was a good straight forward burner with no faults. I don’t quite know why I tried to upgrade it

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