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The one standout feature with the program is its step-by-step buttons for repairing Windows Time Service issues. As you click each button, the program does the work for you and goes through the steps of stopping the service, unregistering, reregistering, starting the service again, and finally, synchronizing the time. We were able to see the program’s progress as we clicked each step. Other than a link to the publisher’s Web site, the program doesn’t offer any kind of Help feature. But users of skill levels will find it easy to use without any assistance. For that reason, we highly recommend Atomic Clock Sync 3.5 cracked for any user looking to keep their clock current.

Atomic Clock Sync key

If we want to change these settings we just need to click on the “Change” button. The second window will inform us about the synchronization interval by default, which we can adjust to our needs. Optionally, we can set to synchronize the clock at this exact moment. The third window lets us stop/start the synchronization service, register/unregister, and set to send a resynchronization command to our computer. Atomic Clock Sync 3.5 Full Version Activation Code runs under any of the following operating systems: Windows Vista, XP, 2003, and 2000.

Atomic Clock Sync 3.5 Full Crack utility can help you optimize how often Windows references an atomic clock server, such as the atomic clock servers operated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the United States. Your current computer time is compared with the current atomic time and an adjustment is made to keep your local computer up-to-date with the exact time now. Atomic Clock Sync 3.5 Full Version Free Download is a free program that does exactly what its name suggests and ensures that your PC’s clock information is up-to-date and accurate. We liked its ability to help repair any installation issues with Windows Time Service.


  • None found
  • Small and simple GUI
  • Free
  • No Adware & Spyware
  • No registration whatsoever
  • Leaves ads for paid versions that must be removed each time the computer is booted up. No way is given to say “NO!” and stop the invastion.
  • works and is free
  • This review was originally posted on does what its supost to very well, and its free
  • No dislikes
  • it adjusts the time correctly
  • So simple you may not think it’s working
  • What it’s a clock; tick-tock
Atomic Clock Sync Registration key

Atomic Clock Sync 3.5 Free Crack is a small and completely free utility, which is developed to help us keep our computer’s system clock synchronized to the exact current time. We may find this application useful if for some reason we may encounter that our Windows system clock does not show the correct time; and we can synchronize it to an Internet timeserver, such as time. The user interface is very simple and easy to operate. It is divided into four tabbed windows: the first one displays the current settings in Windows: the current local time, the standard time zone name/date/bias, and the daylight time zone name/date/bias.

System Requirement:

  • Internet connection
  • Windows 2003, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP, Windows 2K
  • Homepage:
  • Author Chaos Software Group Inc
  • Last version 3.5

What’s new in last version:

Updated for 64bit versions of Windows and Windows 8
All new for Vista and 2003 – now configures Windows Time service to run as desired
It addressed the start minimized problem with the 2.7 version.
Removed the 'always on top' setting that caused problems for some users with a message box popping up behind the screen.
Offered new options to have it start automatically when Windows boots up and to have it start minimized to the system tray.

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  1. Very usefull software. I like it. However the newer version didn’t work properly.

  2. I Havn’t downloaded it yet but i was wondering howw much room does it take mb plz and can u import pics to it XD and thx

  3. Using Win7Ult x64. After 2 weeks started crashing at every startup. Reinstall did not solve prob. Also many of the scan results had bogus entries, several appearing on EVERY network I scanned. Leaves a folder behind when uninstalling.

  4. It doesn’t have a lot in the way of icon editing tools, but then its not primarily an editing program.

  5. Reading the “cons” from the other reviews, made it much easier for me to set up the Weather Watcher. I had no problems at all.

  6. The pre-packaged pep talk phrases on the pop-up visual are boring. But you can eliminate that problem by providing your own phrase.

  7. This unwanted piece of software one day appeared on my desktop. This was after downloading ASC (IObit)from I kept it for a while to check out it’s usefulness. The truth is, I did not find it at all useful. It did not catch any malware that others did. It’s realtime tracking appeared to slow down my browser. (this was noticeable after uninstalling.

  8. I had a scare after a registry fix /cleanup when after my first reboot after that maintenace my Win10 Modern Ui page fail to show so did my Winows Store and Microsof Edge (they fail to respond respond/start up). Only after a few shutdown/restart does it reappear /respond again. I’m looking for alternative app to avoid IO Bit

  9. I wish it had some partition management of it’s own, since it just opens the Windows “Disk Management” utility which was already giving me trouble so I needed to fix my partitions then I could use this to copy my disk.

  10. It might not slow down the internet speed, but sometimes the program slows down the computer itself.

  11. It says that IOLO System Mechanic PRO 10 program are
    Trojan.Generic, File, C:\Program Files (x86)\iolo\DriveScrubber 3\uninst.dll, 11-36659
    Trojan.Generic, File, C:\Program Files (x86)\iolo\System Mechanic Professional\uninst.dll, 11-36659 WHAT I Do

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