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Secure back-up and updates Your device data can be securely backed-up with Black Berry Link. Then, if needed, your content can be restored in just a few simple steps. Note: Requires .NET Framework. Access the content of your BlackBerry 10 device by connecting it to a personal computer via the dedicated utility. It also enables syncing data, time, server parameters and transferring data such as photos, music, videos and documents over Wi-Fi or USB.

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BlackBerry Link build 59 full is a user full data management dashboard that can easily connect your Windows PC or Mac with BlackBerry 10 devices and effortlessly enable users to sync and organize content such has music and photos. Using this app anyone who owns BlackBerry 10 device can easily transfer photos, songs and videos to and from PC or Mac, enabling much easier enjoyment in all your multimedia content.

This listing consists form the description of the currently connected BlackBerry device, and buttons for Home (overview of your device, currently installed version of OS, backup state), Backup & Restore, Software Updates, Contacts & Calendar, Music, Pictures, Videos and Documents. With this kind of setup, even users who have very little technical knowledge about working with home computers will have easy way how to manipulate with the entertainment content on their phones, and preform basic phone sync and upgrade options that will not only make your phone up to date with latest OS versions but also enable you to easily switch from one phone to another taking with you all your contacts and calendar entries.

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Features and Highlights Seamless content management Access, sync, share and organize all your photos, music, videos and files over Wi-Fi® or USB between your BlackBerry 10 devices and your computer. Music can be synced and shared between your BlackBerry 10 device and your PC or Mac, with support for both Windows Media Player® and iTunes. Photos, videos and documents can easily be synced with selected folders too. Easy to use

System Requirement:

  • Intel compatible 1GHz or higher processor
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • USB 1.1 or higher USB port
  • Screen resolution of 1024×768 or greater
  • 100 MB of free hard disk space for typical installation
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 Client
  • iTunes 10.1 or later or Windows Media Player 11 or later for music synchronization
  • A BlackBerry smartphone running BlackBerry 10 OS and a media card or built-in media storage
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Vista
  • Homepage:
  • Author Research In Motion Limited
  • Last version build 59

What’s new in last version:

The Heartbleed bug has been addressed and both Windows and Mac versions are no longer vulnerable to Heartbleed.
BlackBerry Link today with all new UI & overhaul changes in stability. Some who did face difficulties managing backups & performing restores may rejoice with this release.
Added some visual improvements to the app, faster and more reliable back-ups, better synch offerings and more options for when it comes to restoring your device.
Also fixes for remote access and logging in via your BlackBerry ID
Merger Link to BlackBerry devices
Synchronizing with your device
Remote access to files
WiFi Sync
Sync contacts and calendar
Synchronizing media files
A change of equipment
Import contacts / calendar
Navigation of the application
Improvements on synchronizing Outlook Address Book with your BlackBerry 10 device
An updated version of BlackBerry Link has been released that fixes some data transfer issues when switching from a previous BlackBerry smartphone to a BlackBerry Z10.

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  1. Very new software; too new in fact. I consider this software to still be in “unofficial” beta. I submitted over 10 bug reports and “I can’t believe this basic necessary feature isn’t in yet” requests this week alone.

  2. I removed the previous expired copy from my computer. The new addition picks up the old information and tells me my membership has expired. When I look for updates it will not work. I have written to Ashampoo for help but have received no reply. Backup is very poor. If I do not geta reply today. I shall wipe all of Ashampoo off my computer and take up the Norton offer.

  3. Acronis True Image 2013 is simply said, a very unstable software! Read their forums before considering to buy this software!

    – Non-Stop backup failing on my work PC (have a running support ticket, they
    need to revise their software…)
    – Non-Stop backup service crashing on my Media PC. Cannot recover from crash in any means.
    – Backups suddenly dissapearing from the explorer list.
    – NAS support is obscure. Limit amount of NAS’ses are supported. Why?

  4. Downloaded this program, found it would not function, a pop up screen then directed me to a link that would not work. This company is a disgrace! I’ll never purchase anything from them! All in all this was a frustrating waste of time. This is probably just an excuse to get you to download spyware onto your computer.

  5. Despite the advertising, tech support told me the product doesn’t backup to ZIP. Then they admitted that it did. But it has never succeeded for me.

  6. $59 for a simple v4.0 to v4.1 too much. If it was v4 to v5 it would be understandable, but this was just a sub-step upgrade.

  7. – doesn’t support Exchange but I’ve heard that it’s supposed to work in next version, so fingers crossed

  8. This is realy good programm. At beginning that might think that this is realy strange (When u have old computer[without cleaning long time]). Afther scan your computer is many times faster than it was before. (If u do that normaly)

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