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Scan your computer for outdated drivers, then analyze the generated report to review details and the available updates for each of them Download DriverIdentifier 6.0 full version free – Scan your computer for outdated drivers, then analyze the generated report to review details and the available updates for each of them DriverIdentifier 6.0 full version with keygen download is a reliable driver scanner designed to inspect your computer in order to generate a report on outdated or missing drivers. In addition to this, the application also provides users with download links for the drivers in need of update.

DriverIdentifier full version

One caveat: DriverIdentifier 6.0 setup displayed our drivers and information about our system in an ordinary Web page, not a secure one. Though it displays no personal data and creates no links to your PC, we thought you should know. Web-based utilities can use Cloud-based resources for up-to-date, knowledge-based maintenance, but not every issue has been worked out to every user’s satisfaction. DriverIdentifier 6.0 Free Download Activator threw us no curves, though.

Since nearly every driver is different, DriverIdentifier 6.0 Registration Code doesn’t automatically install drivers; it just directs you to them and downloads them for you, if you tell it to, though you can also download them directly from each developer’s Web site, if you prefer. In any case, you’ll still need to be able to update your drivers individually as needed. When the installer finished its job, a Web-based quick-start guide opened. Following its instructions, we clicked the Scan Now button on the program’s compact user interface, and DriverIdentifier 6.0 setup scanned our system. When the scan finished, a Web page opened with a display of all our system’s drivers and their versions, filenames, sizes, and dates.


  • Possible to perform an offline scan
  • Very light
  • Not very useful in offline mode
  • Free subscription available
  • Extensive and reliable database
  • Good organized app,fast and decent !
  • I wish I would have found Driver Identifier sooner :o(Too much time waisted surfing the web looking for updates that wouldn’t install and wasn’t compatible with Windows 7.
  • The first clue of something amiss should have been the fact that this site shows up as ALL top 30 links in response to a very specific search for the driver (by device name, revision and date). CNET’s favorable but vague and terse reviews should have been the second clue. Third, a suspiciously clunky sign-up process with vague instructions seemingly written by someone who failed ESL. (I tried to be understanding; I wanted a driver, not expert grammar.) But the named driver links all pointed to the same “Install DriverIdentifier” app…they REALLY want you to install something other than the driver (“Danger, Will Robinson!”) Fourth, as soon as I installed it, it said that version was obsolete and asked to install a newer one. This whole thing may simply be a front for harvesting email addressed from the unwary. After all that effort, the fact that there is no real help to be had here becomes apparent only at the end of this obstacle course: the driver I want will cost $20?
  • Ease of UseQuick and Easy InstallationNo hassles
DriverIdentifier setup

DriverIdentifier premium scan your hardware and indicate the name of the manufacturer and version of your devices. All required drivers will be installed by making only a few clicks. It simplifies downloading new drivers from the Internet, and updates previously installed drivers to their latest versions. Updating your system’s drivers is important in keeping your computer running safe and smooth, but too many users neglect this vital maintenance task. DriverIdentifier Activation Key is a free tool that scans your system, identifies all its drivers and versions, and compares the results to an online database. The app then presents the results as a Web page on which you can click on any driver to download an update to install.

System Requirement:

  • 300MHz or higher processor
  • 256 MB of RAM
  • 2 MB of hard disk space
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 2008 R2, Windows 2008 32/64 bit, Windows 2003, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP 32/64 bit, Windows 2K, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Homepage:
  • Author
  • Last version 6.0

What’s new in last version:

This new release introduces new interface, refresh its design.
Major updates to Driver Identifier scan engine such as offline scanning
This version will fix the problem with 64bits system
It will show the correct drivers for 64bits OS version
This version fix the error runtime-error 5
This release will fix the error runtime-error 6

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  1. My god, this software has saved me plenty of times. All my laptop drivers have been found in a couple of minutes.

  2. I have searched on google for a week to find my no-name webcam , but with this software , the job is done in 5 minutes. I wish i know this program sooner.

  3. I downloaded and reinstalled it probably four times over, trying to get it to work. Please can we have something that actually does the job?

  4. Was a Napster member when they switched over. Just closed my account, no information on how I could get my money back for the subscription I had remaining. Support is a joke, they are literally giving you the run around. Took me 2 calls to find out I could get a refund then they claimed they made it but it hasn’t shown up on one of my accounts. Then when I tried to figure out where they made the payment they would just keep escalating me from “tier 1” to “tier 2” to “tier 3” close my case and then back to 1. The support company is CSS Corp, which says it is a US company but is staffed entirely by Indians and is absolutely horrible. Sign up with these con artists at your own peril, I didn’t and still got screwed.

  5. will , you know i have a bout 4 to 5 pc between pantioume II to pantioume IV and still adobe photo shope make pc slow like it got a shouke from huge of it and thing is going to down so it make other porgrame i used slow so i can’t make my multuses for pc in this secound .

  6. the program does not execute. I have installed and reinstalled this program several times without any success.
    I had to eventually reinstall adobe 9.0
    With the many alternatives available, I am astonished as to why the company allow this crap shoot of an update.

  7. The weather maps don’t maintain their aspect ratio when resized. Also, I was not able to specify my city as the “preferred location”, despite the fact that it is a large city and home to a major university. I had to settle for specifying a tiny town nearby that was in their database.

  8. CONS: You have to get their “Any Audio Convert” separately but it is JUST AS GOOD! Now I can throw away all the programs I had to play certain file types on my Windows computer.

  9. Is incredibly heavy (what do Adobe need to insert to every version?), unnecessarily intrusive (Creates folders and toolbars everywhere!), slow (for those of us who don’t change the pc every week) and full of features that less than 1% of the population needs.

  10. Yes I dont feel good -when my antivirus tells me somthing is wrong.
    That it is a Trojan., .but I have learned to live with this guy.

  11. Doesn’t like large pdf files. One has to reduce their size in Adobe of Bluebeam before it will open them, but once it opens them magic happens.

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