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What’s more, you can gather general information about the selected file (attributes, length, location) and code data (type, offeset), change file properties, print the generated information, modify the file size in bytes, browse through loaded processes and their modules, as well as configure port settings. All in all, Hackman Suite 9.30 reg keys provides a handy set of tools that can be used by all types of users, regardless of their experience level. Download Hackman Suite 9.30 full – A straightforward application that comes packed with several useful tools: a calculator, disassembler, template editor, and advanced hex editor

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When it comes to the disassembling process, you can add items to the list with the following file formats: EXE, DLL, or VXD, perform searches throughout the entire database, print the generated information, and set the start and end of the disassembling operation. The template editor can be used as a data analyser that creates customized structures using data stored in files or disks (logical or physical). Last but not least, the hex editor comes packed with many useful features that allow users to open all the files from the specified directory, a logical or physical drive, or memory address, specify the start of the main source, create a backup file, save the selected information to a file.

Hackman Template Editor 9.0 is a fast generic purpose data analyzer which creates customized structures using data stored in files or in disks. The output is editable thus making editing databases, custom structured files and EEPROM files a very easy task. Hackman Template File Editor 9.0 is a freeware utility that aims in accelerating and facilitating template creation and edit. Hackman Calculator 9.0 is a versatile scientific calculator that can operate in any mode (decimal, hex, binary and octal) up to 1024 bits. It is able to perform both signed and unsigned operations. It is necessary to install VISUAL BASIC RUNTIMES v6.0 sp6 prior to the installation of this package. Otherwise the suite may not work efficiently.


  • All necessary Hackman software in a single package
  • None
Hackman Suite full version crack

Hackman Suite 9.30 full version serial keys 9.0 is a single installation package containing all the necessary and powerful software developed by its company TechnoLogismiki. This Hackman Suite 9.30 free download 9.0 consists of many components such as Hackman Hex Editor 9.0, Hackman Disassembler 9.0, Hackman Template Editor 9.0, Hackman Template File Editor 9.0 and the Hackman Calculator 9.0. It also contains some extra and useful plugins such as Algorithm Editor v4.02, Script Editor v5.0, File filter, Shortcut editor, File Merger v6.0, Shredder, Split File, Plugin uninstaller and Version changer v3.05. A short introduction to the components of the Hackman Suite license code is given below. Hackman Hex Editor 9.0 is a fast,powerful and light weight multi-module hex editing software which can handle unlimited file sizes and has read only access to other media, such as memory and hard disk drive. Hackman Disassembler 9.0 is an ultra fast multi-processor disassembler having a flexible print engine to create professional reports, features great customization capabilities and a versatile and handy user interface.

System Requirement:

  • Visual Basic 6.0 Service Pack 6 runtimes
  • Windows All
  • Homepage: www.technologismiki.com
  • Author TechnoLogismiki
  • Last version 9.30

What’s new in last version:

The ultimate version of all Hackman products now fully supports Windows 8.
The new version features more than 180 fixes and enhancements, including our live update system for rapid delivery of program updates!
This new version features more than 500 fixes and enhancements
Now fully supports Windows 7

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  1. You can use your default browser (FireFox or Opera) and manage your own bookmarks. It requires no separate program… let alone paying for this program.

  2. After I installed the new version, problems in Firefox appear. Firefox did not response and I cannot shut it down.

  3. My computer crashed 3 times. Each time, Ares forced me to buy a new membership and would not recognize payments made for “lifetime” membership. Now, they’ve changed, so that mostly, all you can download is an advertisement, telling you to pay $10/month in order to NOT download advertisements. Their top leadership stinks as they lied about lifetime membership. And, their tech support/customer relations people also stink, as they will not reestablish your “lifetime” membership if something happens and you cannot reconnect to Ares. Instead, they force you to buy the program again and again and again and again. They all stink and their program used to be good, but now it is as worthless as the people running the business. A pox on this program and its managers, staff and employees. Worthless – all of them!

  4. couldn’t handle the movie i was trying to decrypt… VUZE did it ill stick with the russkies they know what there doing.


  6. For electronic versions of paper documents, reader 9 is way overkill, with the program being huge if that’s all you use.

  7. I have not been able to get this to work, because I’ve been too busy working to get my browser unhijacked and the malware off of my computer. This is the second time I have been burned by freeware infected downloaded from CN*T. I think this will be the last time I use this site.

  8. When ripping CD’s where the Tracks merge with each other the software tended to truncate each tracks length by about 2 seconds.

  9. Would not function on a Win 7 / x64 PC on a WLAN connection. As others have pointed out, there is not uninstaller. But it’s easy enough to remove manually without needing a system restore.

  10. Everything is wrong…. Too slow, data lost and NOT A free version.. CNET should delete this kind of postings.

  11. MovieOrganizer is still free. The problem is this site. Everytime you try to download MO you are redirected to MovieCollector, that is a pay program.

  12. Program not only didn’t open Microsoft Office files (.doc/.docx), but it also dorked up Chrome with a spammy-type browser bar. I fixed that and uninstalled the program.

  13. It does not work on my new computer. Have been working with Ashampoo support Techs with no success. All other Ashampoo software installed, works fine.

  14. None really – simple game. Not a teaser where the trial version is free, but you have to buy the “real” version.

  15. When I install Adobe Reader 8.1.2 it changes all desktop icons and Quick Launch icons to Adobe Reader icons. If I click on any of these icons it runs Adobe Reader. If I uninstall Adobe Reader all desktop icons return to normal. Need assistance with install on Windows Vista operating system. Thanks

  16. Has Limitations or something? When you could get it to work, when it hit around 8,000 emails it would error out “Code 6” or “Overflow Error”.

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