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Furthermore, you can select the update mode (e.g. add and replace files, synchronize archive contents), split the archive to volumes by size, and configure archiving options (e.g. delete files after archiving, test archived items, turn off the computer on completion, compress and send via email). Other features HaoZip Full Version portable revolve around archive encryption, file exclusions, the compression algorithm, time and comments. Plus, you can disable the double-panel, convert archives to SFX, view a log file, import and export settings, repair archives, change the interface language and organize profiles. HaoZip crack comes with some additional functions which allow you to view and convert image files, calculate MD5 checksums, batch-rename items and batch-replace strings, scan files for Trojans and open virtual CDs.

HaoZip with serial keys

HaoZip 3.0 Build 9002 activator is a free file compressor developed in China that offer unique compression technology that offers 30% more compression than other products while still being 40% quicker according to its developers. The best free compressor from China. Did you believe that the Asiatic revolution wouldn’t reach the compressor software? HaoZip 3 license Key is here to prove that they also know how to provide software of this class. A leading product with millions of users in the Asiatic country that is now trying to make itself a space worldwide and with more than enough features to make their rivals tremble.

HaoZip Full Version license Key is an archive program which supports RAR and ZIP files. It also contains a kit of additional tools such as an image viewer, an MD5 checksum tool, and a picture converter. The interface is nice, providing big buttons and warm colors. The settings menu gives you the possibility to change the default theme; in addition, it enables you to select the target archiving formats. As I’ve already mentioned, this tool can make the compression to popular output formats: ZIP and RAR; at the same time, it supports decompressing various format files, including .zip,. 7z, and .rar.


  • A new app, namely an image viewer, is installed without a proper notification
  • Easy to use
  • Fast speed
  • Free application
HaoZip For Windows 10 Download

  • Expands 49 different formats including the ZIP, RAR and 7z standards.
  • Compress your files in three formats: ZIP, 7z and TAR.
  • Create multi-volume compressed files, password protected files, self-extracting, add commentaries… It includes various compression algorithms: Deflate, Deflate64, Bzip2 and LZMA.
  • Access its functions from Windows explorer.
  • Obtain new skins to customize the appearance of the interface.

System Requirement:

  • Homepage: www.haozip.com
  • Author HaoZip Software Studio
  • Last version 3.0 Build 9002

What’s new in last version:

Support ALZ format decompression
Support LZH format compression
Support create multi-volume Self-Extracting archives
Added Email option when create new archive
Support decompression of ZIPX multi-volumes
Enable import 64-bit registry for SFX archives
New features:
7 formats support compression types added to the TAR.GZ, TAR.BZ2, TAR.XM, WIM format compression support;
achieve full compatibility with the ISO format;
greatly enhance the volume of the ZIP format sub-fault tolerance. Even if the lack of volume can still be extracted;
new picture to see the replacement engine, image loading speed 50%, Figure smoother, and supports smooth zooming, and more special effects;
Image Viewer new viewing area on the mouse to automatically switch to left and right arrows function, flip more convenient;
new picture viewer zoom, the viewing area on the real-time display scaling function;

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  1. Most of the Templates had to be purchased.
    Upon installing software, thhis company installed all there software products on my PC even though I opted “NO” on the installation screen. Terrible!!

  2. I recommend not running the complete scan too often. Every time I do, I have to uninstall and reinstall the program because it messes up the formatting of web pages in Firefox. Instead, use the “Erase Recycle Bin” function after deleting files. It accomplishes the same thing as a complete scan, but doesn’t have the problem with Firefox or other web browsers. The support website is also a bit lacking in detailed information, but this is a very minor problem because the program is very user-friendly.

  3. Started up program, it started prompting me to insert my Office 2003 CD. AirSnare said it needed something out of a CAB file. No thank you…AirSnare should be an application without dependancies on Microsoft Office.

  4. Put this on my computer and really wished I had not wasted my time. Hard to uninstall and full of bugs.

  5. It looks like they took a few old favorites and packaged them in a bunch of adware so that they can track your surfing. You can’t even play it without doing a bunch of silly stuff. These people should be ashamed of themselves for ruining such great old games, with a bunch of ripoff trash that just slows your computer down.

  6. It was good while it lasted but in looking around the web, there is nothing similar. Let me know in the comments if you find anything remotely close to this.

  7. I read the other reviews that reported a few problems, but I’ve had nary a one. I’m pleased with it on all counts.

  8. Adobe Reader 8 is far too simplified for most seasoned users. I’ve replaced my 8 with FoxIT, a much more intuitive program; you need to be psychic to figure out Reader 8 without spending way too much time with it.

  9. BAD MATH! Can’t keep the numbers straight. Even with it matching my account EXACTLY, it is still off a few dollars every month. Today it was $0.30 higher than the actual balance even though all transactions were correct. BAD MATH!

    – It installed a chrome-extension even though I un-checked all the crap it came with .. (And chrome crashed)

  11. Nuance is all about selling. There are no upgrades to new products and zero support.

  12. PC Cleaning Utility was recommended by my friends at the Irish Pub. After the number of software fiasco, I basically use this application for cleaning opened and closed files and websites on my PC but I know the application has so much more to offer. I don’t know much about giving opinions on software, so I’m just going to say that I like it because everything opened and closed so far has been deleted forever, I made my friend test it he is from IT. I guess this is what every software should be, easy, simple and reliable.

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