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Helicon Focus 7.6.6 Activation Key is able to create 3D model of the object, shot from one point. 3D models can be manipulated in free Helicon 3D Viewer (included in the Helicon Focus Full Version Activator installation) and exported as video file, stereo pair or anaglyph. Helicon Remote, included in the Helicon Focus 7.6.6 cracked package, allows remote shooting via USB cable and automated focus bracketing. The program is designed for: Micro photography (camera + optical microscope) Macro photography (camera + macro lenses) Landscape photography (infinite depth of field) Remote shooting from computer via USB cable Download Helicon Focus 7.6.6 registeration keys – Enhance the focus of images by merging them, add a text watermark and export images as animations or 3D models with this user-friendly application Enhances and modifies the content of image files

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On top of what the program can do automatically using the methods above, you can also perform some manual adjustment. For instance, it is possible to regulate the smoothing level. Moreover, you can use a brush to retouch specific regions. Likewise, the image can be labeled with a text watermark. Next, you can save the 3D views as a video. Yet, the results may not be so accurate when the source photos were not originally taken with this purpose in mind. Last but not least, there is another feature that deserves the attention mostly of people who are engaged in scientific research or publication. This is the case of the micro panorama, expressly intended to stitch various images made through a microscope.

Since the end purpose of the application is to create a photo with an extended depth of field, Helicon Focus 7.6.6 Registration Code enables you to export the images as an explorable 3D model. Depending on the source images, the model won’t always look great but with practice you can certainly obtain some amazing results. In closing, Helicon Focus 7.6.6 registeration keys is truly a wonderful tool for anyone that is into macro photography and is driven by the need of obtaining great levels of detail.


  • Depends on the quality of the source pictures
  • Exports 3D views
  • Creates micro panoramas
  • Various ways to share the results
  • Manual retouching
Helicon Focus free download

To enhance focus, you need to start by importing a series of images. It is important that they show the same object, even if they were taken from different perspectives. Moreover, you can import a complete stack by opening its folder. Next, you can pick one of the three available methods, each of them with their own advantages and limitations. For example, the Weighted Average method is ideal for short stacks and preserves the original contrast and color. The Depth Math method, in turn, is the best for rendering textures on smooth surfaces; yet, it only works with consecutive images. Finally, the Pyramid method should be used for complex cases, such as those in which objects intersect or there is a deep stack. Anyway, it is a good idea to try different methods and compare the results.

System Requirement:

  • 2 GHz processor
  • 1 Gb RAM
  • Resolution 1280 x 1024
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista
  • Homepage: esd.element5.com
  • Author Helicon Soft Ltd.
  • Last version 7.6.6

What’s new in last version:

30% speed up on CPU
optimizations for AVX-512 capable processors
Apple notarization
'Save All' feature added
minor bug fixes
Incorrect trial version limitations bug fixed
Open recent option added
Translation and help update
DNG converter update
Saving activation code for automatic registration
EXIF and XMP handling fixes
Watermark on saved images in registered Lite version bug fixed
Minor fixes
Colors in navigator window fixed for DNG stacks
Brush size per brush type preserve fix
Lauch without OpenCL if previous launch with OpenCL failed.
Disable-opencl command line option added
Fix DPI in output images
Fix saving 32bit float images to JPEG

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  1. It is a great program, and I found it is much better than Adobe Flash player, not so popular though.

  2. None. My two account work great in the free version and I would easily upgrade to the pay-for version if I needed the added features and more than two account.

  3. I wouldn’t even it buy it – there are many free budget and accounting software already out there…this one just tries to lure you in on a poorly designed program. I also had a terrible time uninstalling this.

  4. The worst part is that every move you made the program kept reminding you that you have to buy it in 14 days. Th etrial version limited you to only file at a time and did all kinds of weird stuff. Its like they software creater was afraid you might get to much benefits out of the free trial and never buy the program. That was very annoying. Then with the program constantly crashing this whole download became a BIG waste of time.

  5. I use Winamp Pro for all of my audio & media playing, so the player in the MP3 FREE DOWNLOADER has a lot to be desired. The output that I hear from the player is nothing like what I hear in Winamp.

  6. Some of my “take care” programs -was not to happy about it..But so far AllTube has done no wrong on my pc

  7. Acronis has totally abandoned True Image Home 2010 (it’s now 2012) denying even pay-per-incident technical support. I can only believe they are trying to force users to buy their less flexible (a per cpu license) and buggy new version of True Image. Typical scripted Bangalore technical “support” service and maddeningly circular and useless web support. Added a UEFI GPT disk and the Acronis patch to support this common disk format won’t install (I’m a consulting software engineer and pretty PC savvy).

  8. When I try to save a page of labels it won’t save them. I click on ‘save’, tried ‘save as’ and found that I can save them if I click on ‘save as’ after every label I create. Then I have to close the program and open it again. If I try to save it after every 2 labels it will save the first one but not the second. What is the secret to saving an entire page?

  9. what didn’t I like? It wouldn’t open at all! And I have XP. It was frustrating to figure out, it drove me nutz for two weeks until I went back to an earlier version.

  10. It has powerful photo editing tools and is easy to use without having to call up Photoshop and a lot of other nice features.

  11. Fidelity made a big mistake by eliminating 9.6. Can’t stand 10.1. Thinking of switching brokers.

  12. Well, it’s really hard to have any cons. It’s a demo, so you would expect bugs, and missing features. Otherwise, the demo never gets released, or it’s becomes a GB download. It is a limited version of the full game, but if you read the site, they already tell you that. It does have bugs in it, albeit they are minor. And again, it’s hard to beat FREE!

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