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Additionally, there's a “Check IP” tool that opens the browser and redirects you to a page displaying your current IP, so it's easy to know whether IP Hider 4.95 Full Version Registered has already changed your IP or not. Once you press the “Enable Anonymity” button, all browsers installed on your computer should access the Internet via the selected server settings. The application also comes with a comprehensive help manual that provides information on every single built-in feature, so everything should be easy even for the very beginners. As a conclusion, IP Hider 4.95 For Windows 10 Download is a handy utility that makes it a breeze to find and use a proxy server to access the Internet. Not to mention that all settings can be reverted to default with a single click.

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Keeps your Internet habits and activities private by hiding the IP IP Hider 4.95 For Windows Download is a program capable of hiding your PC’s IP, so that you are able to browse anonymously, as well as being able to hide your trail once finished IP Hider 4.95 For Windows Download is privacy protection tools that mask your IP address preventing your surfing habits and your internet activity form being tracked by websites or Internet Service Providers. IP Hider 4.95 full version serial keys is blocking invasive codes that may harm or use inadvertently information on your computer, and provides a good online privacy protection by cleaning all online traces. Download IP Hider 4.95 full version – Clean all traces of your online activity and ensure third parties that may harm or use inadvertently information do not track you with this tool Hides your IP address from online websites

Scheduled tracks cleaning for your history, URL bar, cookies, and temporary Internet files are included, though IP Hider 4.95 Full Version Activation Code didn’t clear any of them for us when we hit the Cleanup button. You’ll like IP Hider 4.95 Registration Code‘s masking skills, but its supplementary features are a bust in the trial version. The IP Hider 4.95 with crack program is a nifty program that serves a simple but invaluable purpose. IP Hider free hides your IP address, so that any websites you visit can no longer see your address. This means that your identity and your location is safe. IP Hider 4.95 full version setup is the perfect tool for anonymous browsing.


  • Works with all popular browsers
  • Clears surfing traces
  • Slow
  • Hides your IP
  • Supports popular Web browsers
  • None whatsoever
  • It worked for me. I was able to surf a forum i was banned from because the Administrater did not like me.
  • IP Hider is a very nice and fantastic software.It is very helpful for me. I used this software from many days. When I use this software I feel comfort. I like this software.
IP Hider full version

IP Hider 4.95 Full Version pre-Activated is a privacy utility that masks an IP address to make Internet surfing private by erasing traces from Internet Service Providers and websites. The application also blocks malicious codes that inadvertently retrieve information from the computers while surfing. The program’s interface consists of a single window, where all options are placed on the left side. At the bottom of the interface the users can choose different proxies from a list on a drop down menu, making them available to a new list, where they can be tested.

System Requirement:

  • Browser: IE 5.0 or later, Opera, Mozilla, Avant or Netscape
  • 486 CPU or higher
  • 32 MB RAM
  • 20 MB free disk space
  • Internet Connection
  • Windows All
  • Homepage: www.allanonymity.com
  • Author AllAnonymity
  • Last version 4.95

What’s new in last version:

updated traffic redirection component
updated Premium Proxy list
Traffic redirection component added
Automatically browser configuration
Updated Premium Proxy list
Updated Smart Mode
smart/advanced mode, premium proxies, all browsers support
better protection for the users and their computers while browsing the Internet, more proxies

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  1. This is the worst program Acronis could roll out.
    It is so buggy that you wish to have a crash.
    A computer crash is way much better than this.
    ATIHE12 stays there…hanging…and does nothing.
    Online storage is so unpredictable that you do not even know if you can rely on it.
    Right now the server is out for god knows what reason.

  2. Sometimes converting files with large size may take a little long time. But not too often.

  3. Why is this program 16.4MB? When I had it installed it used up 60MB on my PC! What for!?!? I’ve never bothered to try to work out what use it’s special functions are for the average PC user… all I know is that for opening PDF’s, you should download a PDF Reader, not Adobe Reader. It is well known that with each new release of Adobe it gets fatter, slower, and persistantly bugs you to download more and more updates. Updates for what? Why? I use Foxit Reader. It is a 1MB download! You don’t even have to install it. Foxit will open any PDF documents and allow you to view it very easily, with a nice clean interface, in a matter of seconds. Adobe can take minutes to load on slow machines, is full of bloat, uses way too much RAM, and is a massive download for what should be a small & simple program. It’s a shame that PDF format has become Adobe format. Most people aren’t aware that there are alternatives. I’d strongly recommend you uninstall this & get FoxIt Reader. MUCH better.

  4. Hilfreich we?ren Funktionen um die Slides einfach in Powerpoint einzusetzen. Hier ist eine Menge “Handarbeit” notwendig.

  5. I can honestly say that I haven’t found anything that I don’t like about this virus remover. It’s awsome and free!

  6. Plenty… besides altering your Windows XP files! I would save my money and look elsewhere!

  7. After paying $24, I get an automated email that says I’ll get the registration information in the next 24 hours… Are you kidding?! I download software from the Internet so I can use it NOW, not sometime tomorrow. They need to at least make this clear (that they’re amateurs) up front…or get a Web person worth his/her salt. Really, really annoying. Especially since I’ll need to find something else now to finish my project due today.

  8. Window is NOT re-sizable.
    No option to select specific file name or file type.
    Font is fuzzy and distorted.

  9. I had to convert video files to DVD readable ones, thus a total failure no Video_TS and Audio_TS could be generated

  10. It kept locking up my computer kept refusing to update even though prog kept telling me it was out of date. Have gone back to AVG (much Better) After 1 months trial I asked for money back because of defects but received no response from ashampoo.I have now uninstalled all Ashampoo products because of their attitude

  11. …Libre Writer has a huge flaw that turns a potential five star review now into a one star. The flaw is this – at random times and for apparently no reason whatsoever, Libre Office will remove large tracts of text and do the same to the back up files also. Libre Office are aware of this and I’ve recently discovered a way to recover the text by converting it into HTML, jumping through fiery hoops and somersaulting off a cliff into a pit of snakes. Seriously though…why should I? It should just work. I’ve lost countless hours to this flaw in rewrites; including a university assignment which cut off my bibliography and a 64 page economic report that was turned into a 15 page report which I then had to spend Christmas rewriting.

  12. full of viruses and other crap as mentioned in other reviews. I downloaded this program and promptly uninstalled it. It caused so many problems I had to do a complete system restore.

  13. When I try to save a page of labels it won’t save them. I click on ‘save’, tried ‘save as’ and found that I can save them if I click on ‘save as’ after every label I create. Then I have to close the program and open it again. If I try to save it after every 2 labels it will save the first one but not the second. What is the secret to saving an entire page?

  14. 1)Frankly, I don’t like ‘System Protector’ anti-malware software.It’s little buggy.
    2)A big WARNING !!!! Don’t use ‘security & system adviser’, it can crash your OS.
    3)The price is too high !!

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