1. This bulls**t program leave your computer unprotected from all bad guys waiting for foolish. With BitTorrent installed you are ready to be shoot. You don’t even need to run this program. Just install it and forget about privacy and security…

  2. Most useful features only available if buy product – Registry cleaner, Registry defragger, speed optimizr, ec.

  3. Works with Internet Explorer only. 🙁 Even the built in pop-up blocker of firefox cant block some pop-ups.

  4. This synchronization utility is totally lame. You have to manually select the two folders to sync. Then you have to eyeball the results to see what files need to be transferred. There is no automated process.

  5. Since version 11.24 the greedy and sneaky developer, Innovative Solutions, has added a secret add-on program called “Daily Health Check” that you have to buy. This needless program just cleans up the temp files that many free utilities do.

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