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Download MSN Recorder Max with crack – You can use this simple and efficient software solution to record an MSN chatmate’s webcam video or capture the full MSN conversation You can use this simple and efficient software solution to record an MSN chatmate’s webcam video or capture the full MSN conversation Give eternity to your precious moments. If you are chatting through Microsoft Windows Live messenger to a family member or a friend that lives far away from you, then use MSN Recorder Max crack 2.2 which is very useful program that allows you to record the webcam that is displayed to you while chatting with your friend.

MSN Recorder Max Serial Key

The recording process is very easy as you will be prompted when you are on a video conversation and click on the "record" button to directly record video from a certain conversation, select a window, select a region or perform a full screen recording. The output quality is high and the resultant file audio and video codec can be controlled through the program's option window which can let you enable/disable capturing audio, choose the default audio input device and choose the audio codec as well.

In order to begin recording a conversation on MSN, first you need to open the chat window. You can then click the 'Record' button in MSN Recorder Max key and choose which conversation to capture. At the same time, you also have the possibility of targeting your 'Full Screen', a 'Selected Window' or a 'Selected Region'. Subsequently, you can enter the output file name and the save location. By pressing on 'Advance', you can choose the preferred 'Video Format' (AVI, MP2, MPG, MP4, 3GP or FLV), along with the audio parameters in case you also wish to capture sound. Finally, you can press the 'Record' button and MSN Recorder Max 4.4 Full Version keygen will start the operation.


  • Small in size
  • Records full screen, certain window or a conversation
  • Trial expires after 30 days
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MSN Recorder Max 4.4 full version crack 2.2 has the ability to append certain effects to your video such as adding the time stamp, defining the text background and shadow colors. The program can also be configured to launch automatically on Windows start up. Record your favorite MSN chatmate’s webcam video easily MSN Recorder Max patch is a user-friendly and efficient application whose main purpose is to provide you with the ability of recording your conversations on MSN, saving them to your computer, with the least amount of effort. After installing the tool, you can launch it and begin working with it, as it features a straight-forward interface that makes it quite approachable, even for those who have no experience in working with similar software.

System Requirement:

What’s new in last version:

Compatible with Windows Live Messenger 2009

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  1. Have used another product. Top ten rated this best. Tried it and have gotten crash and blue screen a few times. Never with other product.

  2. Awesome software that is fast and does what it says. They don’t change any other programs settings ,

  3. As soon as the conversion reaches 20%, a pop-up appears begging you to upgrade and the conversion is terminated. The resulting file may be playable but you only get 20% of the file. There no mention of a two-minute or 20% limitation on the “Free” version of the software, so I don’t know what this is about

  4. They don’t even know the difference between “minimum” and “maximum”??? People, check the help file. You’ll see so many obvious errors that you’ll think twice about using this software, considering the nature of what you’re trying to do with your partitions.

  5. Locks up your computer without fail every time. Had to uninstall and switch to an earlier version.

  6. This is not really a game problem but, so far most of the keys hit have been those to the right side & unless I sit my grandson on my lap more to the left, the middle keys don’t get touched.

  7. 1. Far too buggy, many of the individual programmes crash, completely unacceptable for such a critically highly rated programme.
    2. Customer support is average.
    3. Frequent updates to the programme are non-existent.

  8. The only export that works is upload to youtube with no option to save to your own computer. Worse yet-They want your youtube username and password so they can upload it for you, but assure you that its confidential. They must be kidding.

  9. it’s just me, but i hate realtime protection beacuse no matter what program it is, the feature always uses a little more than i want to give.

  10. Resorce hog, crashes PC, and ok if using IE on the other PC but use Firefox and i am there for 10 minutes trying to close the program and its using 100% CPU power.

  11. Offers to install 2 add-on programs/advertising services during the installation of the main program. One is a sort of coupon/targeted ad service and the other is a watch-TV-for-free service. Be sure to click the gray “DECLINE” button for these add-ons unless you’re sure you want them. After you click on DECLINE for both add-ons then the main program will install normally with no extras.

    The program also does a “Daily Health Check” which is like the well-known CCleaner, and it lists all the temp files/junk files it finds and offers to remove them. This feature should be optional but it seems to run each morning whether i want it to or not. It’s not a resource hog so no big deal, but it would be better if this extra feature could be disabled.

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