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NASA World Wind registeration keys

NASA World Wind 1.4.1 license code is an application to be able to travel around the World from your computer. Download NASA World Wide and view any corner of the world Considering Earth is a complex subject, it is no wonder that there are a lot of software solutions meant to assist users in learning new and exciting things about it. NASA World Wind 1.4.1 For Windows 10 Download is such an application that can help teachers and students alike get familiarized with our planet.

Rich set of features to play with

Compared to other similar tools, NASA World Wind with keygen does not focus on a single aspect of the planet, but it rather covers several of them. For instance, users can view the flags for each country of the world, while having the possibility to choose which ones should be visible or hidden.

NASA World Wind Full Version Activation Code

Finding locations and working with a compass and distance calculator

In addition, they can get the exact location of the mouse cursor or they can get details regarding latitude and longitude. The application also comes with a virtual compass and a distance calculator, both of which can be useful when planning a trip. Furthermore, one can configure NASA World Wind 1.4.1 Full Version Activation Code to display the landmarks of an area thus getting details about the most famous touristic attractions located in the neighborhood.


The only downside of this application is that it requires a lot of RAM to function smoothly, and if there are numerous other programs running on the computer, lags and even crashes might occur frequently.

An overall efficient and comprehensive educational tool

All in all, NASA World Wind pin is a fun application that can also be used to learn a lot of new things, especially if the user has the patience to explore its numerous sections.


  • Anaglyph 3D capable
  • Big Cache size
  • All the image data can be downloaded separately
  • Only for Windows
  • Some errors in graphics!
  • Slow
  • Uses a lot of memory
  • Ability to select satellites for images
  • Many features
  • Variety of image data (various satellites)
NASA World Wind with crack

3D view mode and information about different planets

A special side of this application is its Anaglyph Stereo 3D mode, which allows users to view a three-dimensional version of the Earth – needless to say, special 3D glasses are required to fully appreciate this mode. Another feature that helps NASA World Wind 1.4.1 full version crack stand out is the fact that users can also explore other planets such as Jupiter, Mars, the Moon or Venus. This way, they can not only learn about their relief, but they can also get information about their satellites.

System Requirement:

  • .NET 2.0
  • Intel Pentium 3, 1 GHz, or AMD Athlon or higher
  • 256 MB of RAM
  • 3D Graphics Card
  • nVidia GeForce 2 Ultra
  • ATI Radeon 7500
  • Intel Extreme Graphics 2
  • DSL / Cable connection or faster
  • 2 GB of disk space
  • DirectX
  • Windows NT, Windows 2003, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2K
  • Homepage:
  • Author Nasa
  • Last version 1.4.1

What’s new in last version:

Plugin: Movie Recorder (added avi xport)
Plugin: Place Finder Loader (Supports more geocoders)
Plugin: Satellite Tracker
Plugin: Virtal Earth, downloads Microsoft local live data (must be loaded from the plugins menu, then activated by clicking the toolbar icon)
Plugin: Improved WMS browser with GetCapabilities support
Data: New NRL data
Data: WFS placenames and boundaries
Core: New accurate sunshading
Core: Support for 3D models
Core: Atmosphere (Improved with atmospheric scattering)
Core: Added widget support
Widget: New scalebar
Widget: Time controller
Widget: 3D compass widget
Installer: Removed background
Installer: Mars, Moon, SDSS icons removed
Installer: .Net 2.0 check
Installer: Added command line tags NODOTNET, /NODX, /NOMDX) to skip detection of .NET, DirectX 9.0c, and Managed DirectX, to skip checks respectively.

NASA World Wind 1.4.0 RC2 Beta Full Version key


  1. When you convert something with this program, it buries the file into a folder that takes for ever to find. Once you are in that folder (on my computer anyways) everything crashes. Not the best thing to use to convert something into a lower file quality.

  2. The installer was merrily installing all kinds of files so I cancelled it. It should be able to scan ports without needing any extraneous junk.

  3. Despite trying several times and then re-installing several times it refuses to successfully import bookmarks from Firefox or I.E.!

  4. You can never uninstall it. It corrupts files. Once it is installed on your machine, it takes an act of God to get it off. I am very technical, and it took me hours to finally get it off my machine. Stay away.

  5. Crashed my computer after installation & then activation.
    Comes with a “Your Software Deals” software which I was not given the option to DECLINE.

  6. As soon as the conversion reaches 20%, a pop-up appears begging you to upgrade and the conversion is terminated. The resulting file may be playable but you only get 20% of the file. There no mention of a two-minute or 20% limitation on the “Free” version of the software, so I don’t know what this is about

  7. Every time download attempted get told to associate Autorun with another program. Info on how to do this does not apply to Vista 7. Neither does it advise on which programs to associate with. But program still downloaded. Totally useless in a functional sense because of the association issue.

  8. Angel Binary Internet Security is the best protection for the PC because of the fast database update, find lots of old & new threats from PC and quarantine them.

  9. No real faults. Its not great looking, but the interface is easy to use and easy to learn – in a few minutes or less.

  10. It does not seem to work with Windows 10. Apparently records as one can see the wave functions – but you can’t hear anything and you can’t assign the recording. Frustrating!

  11. Occasionally hangs – nothing serious, but doesn’t load or display e-mails properly. Easily solved by exiting and relaunching. Really annoying extra software (including ‘Protected Search’ web browser setting and web browser toolbars) that are installed even if you explicitly tell the installation program NOT to install them.

  12. Scince the Spyware scan is so fast it only scans a few files and is not that trustable, but you surely may have another Anti-Spyware protection, I highly recommend Windows Defender.

  13. Huge minus is the Save option, I have about 15-20 different folders that I have all my fill-able PDF files and I like to save dates and other information as I enter them. I am not able to hit (CTRL-S) to automatically save in the same folder, it always asks me to save in a different folder. This wouldn’t be an issue if I had everything in one folder but that’s not the case for me.

  14. A-1 utilites that kepp your PC tuned, defragged, registry clesn Speeds up internet etc..

  15. Great program The newer version 2.3.3 actually allows your to practice celestial navigation. Great for commercial, novice, Coast Guard and naval celestial navigation training

  16. My only complaint is that everyone needs to increase their upload rate. The faster everyone uploads the faster everyone downloads. It is simply done by clicking view, then on the drop down menu click settings and then click the network tab in the window that appears. Then just drag the little upload slider up a bit so that the next guy can have a little faster download. He might even pass on the favor to someone else.

  17. The installer is just too big, bloated with useless features, horrible dated interface.

    Where is the Hand Tool? Oh yeah burried under like 4 submenus…

    All I want to do is read documents!

  18. Program is not consistant in choosing file from which to delete. Sometimes it is one, sometimes it is the other.

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