NuSphere PhpED 19.2 free full download

NuSphere PhpED full version crack

NuSphere PhpED 19.2 pin features an advanced code editor which comes packed with multiple language syntax highlighting, templates, customizable shortcuts, search and replace options, “drag and drop” support, code completion, tooltips, and error analysis for both PHP and HTML. Plus, you can view all PHP classes, methods, properties, functions, and variables, use the PHP debugger on your local computer or remote PC, and integrate the debugger in Internet Explorer.

NuSphere PhpED crack

When it comes to publishing the projects, you can securely transfer data, thanks to its support for SFTP and FTPS servers, exclude or include files and directories, as well as use several tools for efficient code management operations, such as HTML validator and CVS client. Furthermore, you can run PHP scripts, thanks to its built-in web server, work with SOAP servers, access database accounts (MySQL, UltraSQL, MSSQL, Oracle, FireBird, SQLite), customize the menu with additional commands, rename variables, functions, classes and methods, use the autocorrect function, and modify code cues. All things considered, NuSphere PhpED 19.2 full download comes packed with many advanced features for helping users edit PHP code efficiently.

NuSphere PhpED 19.2 pre-Activated is one of the most complete PHP IDEs of the market. It features a full PHP installation with a custom test webserver, plus the enhanced PHP real-time Debugger (you may notice icons for both programs over your system tray). At installation time you are able to select to install a lot of optional components that work tightly integrated with PhpED, such as PHP/MySQL/PostGRE manuals, CVS clients and more. Plus, you can choose to install PHP4, PHP5 or even both. This new version features more extensive configuration wizards for beginner users (both to use in projects and debugging sessions). The CSS WYSIWYG tools were also refactored to provide a better experience and accuracy. PhpED has everything that a professional IDE must have: code folding and formatting, class and methods auto-completion, indexing of user directories and a lot more. But IMO there are better products on the market FOR FREE. Please note that at first start you have to request a trial license key in order to start using the program. With such key you can use the software with its complete set of features for 14 days.


  • Price is quite high, I prefer other freeware products such as NetBeans or Eclipse PDT
  • Very complete PHP IDE, excellent debugger integration
NuSphere PhpED Full Version key

NuSphere PhpED Full Version Activation Key is today’s top integrated development environment for php Download NuSphere PhpED 19.2 serial keys – A fully-featured application that helps users edit, debug, and publish PHP scripts, while allowing them to use the built-in PHP web server for developing and debugging very simple PHP scripts A fully-featured application that helps users edit, debug, and publish PHP scripts, while allowing them to use the built-in PHP web server for developing and debugging very simple PHP scripts

System Requirement:

  • 512MB RAM
  • 140 MB disk space
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit
  • Homepage:
  • Author NuSphere Corp.
  • Last version 19.2

What’s new in last version:

Full Support for PHP 7.4 (requires Windows 7 and up) in for PHP Editor/IDE and PHP Debugger. Full support for debugging and profiling.
Full Support for PHP 7.3 (requires Windows 7 and up) in for PHP Editor/IDE and PHP Debugger. Full support for debugging and profiling. Read more about PHP 7.3 in PhpED v19
Support for Code Coverage. When running phpUnit tests newly added Tools->Coverage window will show how well your code base is tested.
Support for CodeIgniter 3.x to PHP Frameworks Navigation through M-V-C, navigate infrastructure with code Insight including Code completion and find declarations.
Support for remote launch of phpUnit in Remote Projects. Remote Projects have been one of the most popular features since PhpED 16.0

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  1. When I try to download the new version the download link does not work and I follow the instructions by technical support. If they want us to upgrade they need to provide a more stable download link.

  2. The program was very limited and did not operate on 2 of the 5 computers I was trying to wipe clean. After considerable frustration, I found a free program that worked on all my computers. It’s Eraser at Eraser is a simple and effective program.

  3. It crashed the first time I tried to open it. Very unstable program. In fact, it won’t open at all.. Fail.

  4. This Webcam is compatible with most chat clients like Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, and Skype.

  5. It doesn’t allow users to restore individual files from backups – either you restore ALL the files in the backup or nothing. Worse – it’s not clear you can’t do this until you’ve made the backup.
    Worst of all, it saves proprietary drivers “amwrtdrv.sys, ammntdrv.sys & ambakdrv.sys” in the system32 directory. That was fine for a bit, but now my system is hanging when it loads ambakdrv.sys every time I do a start up!
    Parting shot: now I understand that deinstalling AOMEI will NOT restore the old versions of those files! I have to go looking for good versions…

  6. Excellent and handy software to use… ease of use and find it very useful.. highly recommend…

  7. No chance to use the original Blu ray menus. It only shows its own simplified menu for the basic settings (audio, subtitles etc.). If you use unregistered copy, you’ll have a permanent watermark in the centre of the screen (which is reasonable, considering that all of the Blu ray players are paid for versions).

  8. I’m facing a problem running Labmaster, the 1st time when the installation completes, it opens, but when you exit and again want to run this software, it shows a problem & shows “No connection can be made”.

  9. Does not suppress standby mode in Windows 7, not even when you’ve chosen “Shut down after completion”, which makes no sense at all. Have to manually switch off standby mode every time I backup my partitions. Also, you cannot tell the program to do several backups, so it’s not possible to backup the system drive and another HDD after one another during the night.

  10. take a lot of memory (768MB RAM, to big for many users). Current trend is still 512MB thing. Overall it still a marvelous photo editing tool.

  11. Needs A longer list of browers that it can work with. It must be
    independent of system and browser

  12. This pgm contained 16 Worms which were detected & removed by super anti spyware, good thing I did a scan after downloading Airy!
    DONT use this software. not worth 1 star.

  13. It won’t install! I have downloaded it repeatedly, and it just won’t install.

  14. — How can an incremental backup of less than a weeks work take more than EIGHT HOURS!? Every week.
    –The one time I tried to use it to recover lost data, it didn’t work at all.
    — When the backup is running it sucks up 100% of your CPU resources, even on the lowest priority setting.
    — You can’t use your computer for anything else while it’s running.

  15. Since I am not a specialist in formatting I felt a bit “in the dark” following the few instructions at first.

  16. I bought v. 10 a week after it went on sale. Acronis sent me v.9 – it took beaucoup letters and a month to get the proper version. I used it a few times with many hassles on recovery – it SAVES fine – it just can’t fetch. Now v.10 with updates and all can’t recognize that it’s on a hard disk – so will not install any of the carefully saved images. Maybe I can make mouse doillies from them.

  17. It stopped using and even support could not help me get it working again. They wanted to charge me as I was outside the 30 days but they did eventually agree to try and help. They reinstalled my programme as it would not let me do it – used the clean up tool and I was happy until I tried to back up. I had to reinstall all my mass storage devices and then I got errors and could not use the programme. I decided regrettably to try something else as I did not want to pay for support if I opened the chat support again. Even uninstalling leaves a lot of debris behind and I am unable to run a Windows Image – I was about to use the cleanup tool that Acronis has available on their site until I saw that it could corrupt my system. I am sure that they will work on this programme and it will be better, BUT I would not ever install a programme that I can not cleanly uninstall

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