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Discount: use coupon code 15PINNSAVE to get 15% off!Pinnacle Studio 22.0 Activation Code is a powerful video processing platform with support for HD and 3D editing. Bundling a stunning collection of effects and templates, the software makes it a breeze to create movies and share them with your family and friends. This program is part of a larger Studio family that also includes the Plus and Ultimate editions, which are obviously more rich feature-wise. The basic version is aimed at amateurs and home users, while the other two versions target a narrower audience constituted by professional movie makers. All three editions of Pinnacle Studio 22.0 Serial Key feature support for stereoscopic 3D video and multi-layer editing, although a wider, more generous list of 3D effects and transitions are included in the Plus and Ultimate versions.

Pinnacle Studio Full Version portable

With Pinnacle Studio activator, editing movies is turned into an interactive, user-friendly and fun experience. Media content can be imported from local drives, as well as from virtually all modern devices, such as digital cameras, camcorders, tablets, smart phones, etc. The resources, in photo, audio or video format, can be organized and rated with the aid of the built-in Media Library. The SmartMovie, toghether with the SmartSlide feature reduce user efforts to dragging the media content in order to automatically produce movies. The clips can be polished and enhanced with the aid of the built-in effects, which include animations, transitions, montage templates, multi-layer HD or 3D effects, picture-in-picture, color correction, stabilization filters for shaky footage, to name just a few.

Perhaps the most attractive feature of all is the 3D support. You can edit and create movies in 3D format, with the possibility to mix 3D videos with 2D clips in the same project. Pinnacle Studio Activator Free Download is able to export to formats playable on a wide range of devices, including 3D HD TV sets and Sony PS3. Results can also be shared on Facebook, uploaded to YouTube and Vimeo, so your friends can enjoy the products of your creativity. In conclusion, Pinnacle Studio 22.0 key is a wise and entertaining choice as far as the video editing industry is concerned. Offering such a user-friendly and accessible environment, beginners, as well as professionals, can make the most of it.


  • Online integration
  • Multi-layered editing table
  • None
  • useful editing features
  • Easy to use
  • Great library of samples and effects
Pinnacle Studio Full Version Activation Key

All this is performed in the main Storyboard field where you can adjust and preview your editing project. You can easily open projects and save all the changes you make, those will be immediately accessible. There are also various options for rendering and output formats. The program offers over 1500 effects, both 2D and 3D, as well as audio samples available in ScoreFitter library. Using multi-layered nature of the editing tools, you can create a rather complex project, which can then be rendered and instantly shared on sites like Facebook, Youtube and Vimeo. There's even an option for multi-camera project creation. The latest versions can boast improved stability and better functioning of some of the more advanced features. All in all, Pinnacle Studio 22.0 Free Download Activator is a great editing tool capable of meeting the expectations of both novices and experienced enthusiasts.

System Requirement:

  • Intel Core i3 or AMD A4 3.0 GHz or higher
  • 4 GB of RAM or higher, 8+GB highly recommended for Multi-camera
  • Intel Core i5 or i7 1.06 GHz or higher required for AVCHD & Intel Quick Sync Video support
  • Intel Core i7 or AMD Athlon A10 or higher for Multi-camera
  • 4 GB of RAM or higher, 8+GB highly recommended for Multi-camera
  • NVIDIA GeForce 200 series or newer (CUDA enabled required for CUDA support), ATI 4xxx series or higher, Intel GMA X3000 series or higher
  • HEVC (H.265) support requires Windows 10 and supporting PC hardware or graphics card
  • Minimum 256MB VGA VRAM, 512MB or higher recommended
  • Display resolution: 1024 x 768 or higher
  • Windows-compatible sound card (multi-channel output required for surround preview)
  • 8 GB HDD space for full installation
  • Internet connection
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 2012, Windows 2008, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 10, Windows 98
  • Language English, French, Polish, Chinese, Italian, German, Japanese, Spanish
  • Homepage:
  • Author Corel Corporation
  • Last version 22.0

How to unlock Hollywood FX in version 14?

Hollywood FX is a separate component. It needs to be purchased before it can be used with the application. This is the only way to unlock it. Upon purchase, you will receive an activation code to unlock the component.

How is Pinnacle Studio performing compared to iMovie?

Compared to Pinnacle Studio is an application that provides advanced features and options than iMovie. Although iMovie is a video editor, it makes it easier for the common user to create an HD movie with his moments. The Pinnacle Studio provides additional timeline editing and effects transformation, but it should work on the same way as iMovie does. Secondly, iMovie is available only for Mac computer while Pinnacle Studio is available for Windows only.

How to change project file into a regular file?

Project files are used to store all the RAW data you’ve added (media information, images, effects, tweaks,scripts, actions, etc.).
Luckily, there is a tutorial explained in detail on how to achieve this. Visit the following link to learn about the export procedure to save the contents of the project files into a full high-quality video.
I’ve watched the video tutorial and although I didn’t have any Pinacle experience, I understand exactly how to save it.

What are the Pinnacle Studio Plus version advantages?

The Plus version has a few extra features compared to the basic version. You can check them below:

  • 1,800+ effects, transitions and templates
  • 24-track frame-accurate editing
  • Live Screen Capture
  • 3D import, editing and export
The only big difference compare to the basic version is that the Live Screen Capture is enhanced and offers additional features. It also has support for 3D object manipulation.
You can check the comparison between all versions using the following page:

I am an old user of Pinnacle Studio 8, with Pinnacle Moviebox USB. I want an updated version for my Windows 8 computer. Can I get new Pinnacle software which can use my existing Moviebox?

Pinacle released their flasgship product of Studio 16. As you can see, you are 8 versions behind. A lot of things have changed regarding functionality and support since then. Studio 8 was released on 2002. At that time, Windows XP was the king of Windows operating systems and it was vastly used. Windows 8 does feature Windows XP backward compatibility settings for applications but it is hard to say if it will fully work. An upgrade to the latest version is highly recommended especially if you have a powerful computer.
You will need the Plus version of the MovieBox if you want compatibility in Windows 8.

What’s new in last version:

NEW LUT profiles:
LUT profiles make it easy to instantly add cinema-grade color grading effects to your project. Alter the mood, add drama, and more by choosing from preset profiles or creating and storing your own for later use.
It’s the most powerful Pinnacle Studio yet!
Editing ToolsENHANCED Keyframing:
Improved keyframing controls enables you to customize your transitions and creative effects to the last detail.
NEW Simplified Color Grading:
Stylize your image to set the tone and mood with new basic color grading controls, including color correction, color tuning and luminance controls. Adjust your image to create a sun-kissed scenario or an ice blue landscape with new color grading controls.

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  1. I’ve always used Pinnacle Studio version 9, and now I want the 10.5 version.

  2. I can’t find a trial version in the Dutch language, the installation is in Dutch, but the program is not.

  3. I’m gonna go with a different company. The days I just spent researching their software has just been flushed down the terlet.

  4. I pay $200 a month to have sitelink which is almost absurdly expensive. However, at the moment the competition just hasn’t caught up. The most frustrating part of having sitelink is the fact that, although you pay $200 a month, they still don’t have customer support on the weekends. I came into work at 9:45 a.m. on Sunday, intending to open shop at 10:00am. Sitelink would not open due to a Server error. I clearly can’t do anything about their server issues. Consequently, neither can they since they didn’t show up to work. It is now 10:40 a.m. and I still havn’t recieved a call back or a returned email. This is almost a deal breaker for our company. Is anyone else running into this same kind of customer service issues?

  5. I use Yahoo Mail but when I go to add an address to the To: field and the pop up opens with the addresses I can’t pick one. This flaw prevents me from using the browser.

  6. I tried to clone my internal drive to my USB drive. Although True Image went through all the motions and even reported success, nothing changed. After my experience with tech support, I’m thinking about asking them about that one as well, but it’s a feature I can live without. Everything else has worked flawlessly.

  7. It works great, no glitches. And it doesn’t inter fear with other programs or slow down anything. One of the few programs that works exactly like it’s supposed to.

  8. Not for hobby, this is a photo industry tool and the best one, average photo tweakers or scapbooking should try Photoshop Elements or others like that.

  9. None so far, I used it for 2 years now and still using it. Its like a tread mill for my mind to keep it fit and strong

  10. I use Winamp Pro for all of my audio & media playing, so the player in the MP3 FREE DOWNLOADER has a lot to be desired. The output that I hear from the player is nothing like what I hear in Winamp.

  11. I couldn’t test this software because it doesn’t do anything before you paid your money. Only after this you know if it is working and fits your needs.

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