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Sqirlz Morph Full Version Registration key

Sqirlz Morph serial keys is a small yet interesting and funny graphics tool that allows you to combine two or more images to produce animations. The entire morphing process is fully automated, though advanced users can also enjoy a high level of customization by tweaking the fading and warping processes. The resulting animation can then be saved as a Flash (SWF) or AVI video file, as an animated GIF file, or as a sequence of individual JPEG or BMP images.

Sqirlz Morph full version serial keys

Setting up a simple morphing process will not take you longer than a couple of minutes, and you will surely find the resulting animation highly rewarding. You can use the preview window provided to help you customize some basic aspects, such as the sequence order. Those wanting to fine tune the transition between images can open the Fade and Warp Settings window, where they can define how images fade and warp when changing from one to the next, and how smoothly. Build your own animated avatars, see how well you have aged over the years, or how the plants in your garden have grown since they were planted. Either for fun or out of curiosity, this free graphics tool is certainly worth trying.

Morph two, three or more images or videos together, or warp images individually. Images A, B, C, D etc can be morphed together in several different ways – in the simple sequence A to B to C to D etc, or by blending all images simultaneously, or with wild (random) mixing. Try multi-morphing all the family’s faces into one unique (or gruesome) movie! Save your animation as a Flash movie, AVI video clip, animated GIF file, or bitmap/jpeg files. Version 2.1 adds project auto-save, as well as option to use relative filenames for images within project file. This utility will allow you to morph between images In addition, you can preview results in a small window in which you can zoom in and out, specify the animation period (number of frames per cycle), run the morph or warp animation, resize the animation on saving, as well as save it as a Flash movie or GIF file.


  • Simplicity of use
  • None
  • Allows you to morph more than two images in the same sequence
  • Supports AVI and Flash video files for the output
  • Highly-customizable morphing process
  • I used it to produce a flash of my company logo being warped for the main page of our website. It turned out better than I imagined. (Note: I did not have any problems with the installation.)
Sqirlz Morph Full Version key

Moreover, you can equalizes sizes between pictures, set the animation order, view image dimensions and control point coordinates, use the “Undo” button, select, rotate, copy and paste a control point group. But you can also run the animation one way only or reverse, use warp mode, add extra start and end image frames to a saved animation, save the file sequence, and more. The program takes up a moderate amount of system CPU and memory, includes a comprehensive help file with step-by-step guides and images, and didn't freeze or crash during our tests. We strongly recommend Sqirlz Morph 2.1 Full Version Free Crack to all users.

System Requirement:

What’s new in last version:

internal improvements
a new image paste command
modified installation software.
adds two new commands in the Control Points menu: the Information command which lists the Control Point coordinates, and the Equalize Numbers command which forces all images to have the same number of Control Points.
Version 1.4 introduces compatibility with Windows Vista

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