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VRS Recording System preactivated can work seamlessly on a network, transmit recordings by e-mail or via FTP, and work hand in hand with Axon Virtual PBX and Express Talk Softphone. All services and features are fully configurable and customizable, offering you a level of flexibility that you won’t find easily in many of its competitors. The program offers six purchasing options, from an Enterprise edition with no restrictions whatsoever, to the Basic edition, limited to one recording channel.

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The main window of VRS Recording System activated is user-friendly and displays all the available channels. You can also add your owns, by selecting the available recording device, the recording file and setting the volume. After that, all the files are automatically compressed to WAV, MP3 or GSM format and can be searched by date, time, line or other data. On the below window where all the channels are displayed, you have the possibility to analyze each action that was performed so you will know if the current recorded file was saved, if the scheduled recording task was completed, as well as to view the path folder where all the files were compressed and saved.

Those in need of a flexible and comprehensive multi-track recording system for digital audio should give VRS Recording System precracked a try. Its support for up to 64 simultaneous channels, its clear and intuitive interface, and its truly convenient recording manager will surely fit the needs of the most demanding customers. This efficient recording tool can capture any audio coming in through your computer’s sound card, be it a phone call, your own voice via an external microphone, or any other audio stream being played back on your system. The recording process can be fully customized to fit your preferences, so that you can start and stop the recordings either manually or through a hardware device of your choice (a telephony device, for instance).


  • None
  • Support for up to 64 channels
  • Easy to set up
  • Clear and intuitive interface
  • Supports hardware-based recording modes
  • Includes a voice-activated recording mode
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The feature that makes the application the stand out of the box is the DTMF dial digits detection that is used for telecommunication signaling over analog telephone lines. This way, you have the possibility to detect and log DTM tones and change the sensitivity level in case you are getting digits missed or not detected. To sum things up, VRS Recording System 5.48 Full Crack is a comprehensive recording utility that can be easily used for radio station logging and phone line recording. A practical and reliable audio and telephone recorder that comes in handy for users who want to record multiple audio channels simultaneously with automatic level control

System Requirement:

  • Pentium 1GHz or above
  • Call recording hardware
  • Sound recording hardware
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Homepage: www.nch.com.au
  • Author NCH Software
  • Last version 5.48

Is there a discount for a voluntary hospital that uses a radio station?

On the official website of the product, there is no information regarding discounts for this software. To find out more about this matter, you can contact the developer on the following official website.

What’s new in last version:

Major VoIP recording bug fix, other unspecified bug fixes

VRS Recording System 5.15 Full Version Free Download


  1. didn’t work, buggy. I tried to burn a dvd, takes forever for the thing to start, then says unable to write. I tried to stop it from writing; the program froze up and so did my system, had to reboot. don’t waste your time.

  2. The simpleness is somewhat limiting. It is easy to get bored, yet keep playing. It’s like eating potato chips, you just keep on eating/playing long after it is no longer satisfying.

  3. I guess the only con would be having to make sure that you choose the “Don’t install the Crawler Toolbar” during the install.

  4. Doesn’t Load properly when it scans for security problems…doesn’t Fix your Updates properly…you are probably downloading a cloned version, so I don’t trust this download.

  5. I used this product on two different computers with the same result, one of them being a brand new tricked-out system: It appeared to have deleted some fonts in my system. Install/Uninstall boxes had no text in them and the fonts in FireFox browsers were completely messed up. I had to do a system restore to get things back to normal.

  6. Program had difficulty handling situations when the external backup drive was not constantly connected (such as during travel). Unpredictably monopolizes computing resources for hours at a time performing unnamed background tasks. Known program flaws have not been addressed.

  7. -send definition updates more often besides like once in like 3 days (but i understand that iobit has other products to be in top shape with)
    – free version needs process guard (most malware run with a process so with iobit havind that on both version it can detect more viruses)
    -This also concerns me is its cloud protection,right now the threats it found (this number will change) is 2,807 threats,aint there like thousands of threats in the internet, any way …
    – Iobit Cloud needs to be improved..
    But anyway with these changes and improvements that need to be made,this program is still very good…

  8. I don’t like that I can’t change time signatures within my song file (!!!) Also plugins are a little crappy but what do you expect from free preloaded effects?

  9. rhapsody has too many glitches, freezes a lot, don’t like the search method, not like the old with more info. Not the same.

  10. Plagiarized from MBAM,I am almost sure after going through all the posts on the subject.

  11. I cannot display temperatures in both my home town and visiting town simultaneously, but MORE IMPORTANTLY this never seems to update properly. The temperature was 57 degrees F when it was sunny and stormy, night and day, in my home town and here in Beijing…. for 4 solid days. I think somethings wrong…..

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