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Performance and final thought

The application had a minimal impact on system performance in our testing, using a low amount of CPU and RAM. It created reports rapidly and error-free. We have not experienced any issues throughout our evaluation, since WebBrowserPassView 1.50 pre-Activated did not hang or crash. Taking into account that it receives regular updates from the developer for the latest web browser versions, the program should please all users who cannot remember the passwords to their personal accounts.

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WebBrowserPassView with crack

WebBrowserPassView license code is a password recovery tool that reveals the passwords stored by the following Web browsers: Internet Explorer (Version 4.0 – 9.0), Mozilla Firefox (All Versions), Google Chrome, and Opera. This tool can be used to recover your lost/forgotten password of any Website, including popular Web sites, like Facebook, Yahoo, Google, and GMail, as long as the password is stored by your Web Browser. Download WebBrowserPassView 1.50 Activator Free Download – A compact, portable and straightforward application that recovers web browser passwords which you have lost or forgotten and lets you create reports This tool can be used to recover your lost/forgotten password of any Website A compact, portable and straightforward application that recovers web browser passwords which you have lost or forgotten and lets you create reports

Simple looks and export options

The interface is based on a standard window with a neat layout, where all found passwords are automatically loaded once you fire up the tool. You can check out their matching URL, web browser and user name, in addition to password strength, how man times a key was used, and when it was last modified. It is possible to copy all or just the selected items to the Clipboard, or export them to a report with the HTML, CSV, TXT or XML format. Before doing this, you can exclude any columns or add new ones (right-click a column).

WebBrowserPassView full setup

WebBrowserPassView 1.50 serials doesn’t require any installation process or additional DLL files. In order to start using it, simply run the executable file – WebBrowserPassView patch.exe. After running it, the main window of WebBrowser PassView displays the list of all web browser passwords found in your system. You can select one or more passwords and then copy the list to the clipboard (Ctrl+C) or export them into text/xml/html/csv file (Ctrl+S).

System Requirement:

Does this software reveal passwords that have been tagged as “Never Save This Password”?

No, the application won’t see the passwords that have been marked using the Never Save This Password. Secondly, most of the nowadays forms are developed in such way that makes these apps useless due to security concerns.
There is also a page where you can see more details about this: http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/web_browser_password.html
Note: Also, make sure to update the application to the latest version, if you plan on using it for latest versions of the browsers.

What’s new in last version:

Added support for the new password encryption of Chromium / Chrome Web browsers, starting from version 80.
Be aware that the 'Local State' file, located inside the 'User Data' folder, is needed for decrypting the passwords of Chrome 80 or later.
Added new file format to export the passwords: Chrome CSV File. It's the same file format that Chrome Web browser exports the passwords from chrome://settings/passwords
Added support for Chromium-Based Edge Web browser.
The download zip file is now password-protected.
Fixed bug: WebBrowserPassView could crash when decrypting empty passwords in Firefox.
WebBrowserPassView now automatically detects the Waterfox Web browser.
Fixed bug: WebBrowserPassView crashed when reading Firefox key file (key3.db) without a master key.
Fixed WebBrowserPassView to work with Firefox 64-bit, and also WebBrowserPassView doesn't need anymore the installation of Firefox to decrypt the passwords. This change also fixes a crash problem occurred on some systems.

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  1. Expensive. At $400 US dollars, its a bit pricey! Many of the features attempt to “integrate” with Fireworks and Flash, but are not needed. For example, there are buttons to edit photos on your page within Fireworks. Not needed!

  2. It may lack a few options, but I didn’t look all that hard because I didn’t want to use them anyway, such as auto data verification.

  3. More info regarding available codecs and what they are useful for would be nice, but not necessary.

  4. It didn’t work properly, it may have been because my operating system is Windows 7, but then again Foxit Reader worked fine

  5. This is not a con of the program itself, but rather the fact that you have to have specialized software to read your texts from your phone. This should be a standard available option for smart phones to be able to move, log, or read your own texts from a PC.

  6. Tech support has helped me work through all issues so far. It is a simple solution that works for us, so not a lot of fancy bells and whistles (which happens to be a pro for us).

  7. has a problem with the current version opening Google+ everytime i start up the virtual machine.

  8. Display of files in the uninstall does not appear to be sortable. I prefer the spreadsheet type approach as in Revo.

  9. A vast catalog of bugs, from wonky UI widgets to entire features (Disaster Recovery Plan) that simply don’t work. Support techs are clueless, lack listening skills, and likely speak a variant of English that you will find hard to understand.

  10. Ever since downloading the update my computer is slower and the adobe reader freezes all the time. I can no long open anything in my adobe acrobat professional either.

  11. The copy to clipboard function did not work in Vista 32.
    When using the rectangular selection function, the target cursor is a little small and hard to pick up. Very minor issue.

  12. Only supports one host. Looks like this free version X1 is to get you to buy their X2 version that supports multiple hosts.

  13. the default settings are a bit mundane. If you want to change it after the initial set up you will have a bit of a learning curve

  14. This is the best piece of Freeware I have ever used. The user interface is very easy to use and the scan runs in the background without draining the PC resources. I bought the full version after using the free version of about a month. Not much noticable difference only that you can automatically update and set scan times. Every PC Laptop needs this.

  15. I inadvertently threw away photo (jpeg) files, and then upon realizing what had taken place undeleted them. So I had three hundred or so freshly undeleted files/photos which looked intact but would not “draw”.

  16. Poor sales policy. They want you to buy their suite every year otherwise it stops working. The first year I renewed the full function of the suite at a reduced price, but now they ask for full price (39.95 $), regardless of whether there was a new version of the suite or not. At first I thought I’d pay, but then I felt somewhat stupid if I would do that. In the past, I have used other suites for the same job, but I have not experienced a similar sales policy. Simply, after the end of the year (from the date of the purchase) I could not upgrade to the new version of the suite (if I hadn’t pay for that), but I could use the old one (that I had paid for). More honest dealing, I think. Eventually I was buying the new version (when it was being issued), but I was not forced to do so.

  17. Not free (although updates are free after you pay)
    Some icons are a little small (ie the radio buttons by the directional arrows)

  18. My virtual memory is set to NO on all my disks, and yet this software shows Physical Memory 3327MB (correct), Swap Space 3164MB (wrong), and VM 6492MB (wrong). CPU not recognised. No CPU temperature reading, only motherboard.

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